English 571 is a graduate course offered by Western Carolina Univesity at the UNCA campus.



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Wk Dt Topic Homework for the next class
1 25-Aug Introduction

For next class:

2 1-Sep

Whitman, Dickinson, Hardy

For next class:

  • Perkins v1 100-102; 119-131; 227-251; 565-602
  • Rosenthal 122-145
  • Norton v1 104-143; 162-171; 201-225
  • Downloads (while books are "in transit")


3 8-Sep Robinson, Frost, Yeats

For next class:

  • Everdell 321-345
  • Perkins v1 449-489 (Pound); 527-564 (Moore and Williams); [optional v2 on Williams and Pound]
  • Norton 1 176-186 (Tender Buttons and Picasso); 921-926; 268-273; 283-307 ("Young Housewife," "Danse Russe," "Portrait of a Lady," "Spring & All," "Burning the Christmas Greens," and "Paterson" 302-7; Pound 345-387 (PPortrait d'une Femme," "Pact," "In a Station..." "River Merchant's Wife," Cantos I & CXVI, and see also "Retrospect" 929-933; Moore 430-454 ("Black Earth," "The Fish," "Poetry," "Octopus," "What are Years")

4 15-Sep

Stein, Loy, Pound, Moore,and Williams

For next class:

  • Everdell 127-141;241-251
  • Perkins on Stevens, Eliot, and Auden (vol2) (optional: Eliot part 2)
  • Norton v1 Stevens 235-268 ("Thirteen Ways," "Anecdote of a Jar," "Snow Man," "Idea of Order at Key West," "Postcard from the Volcano," "Man on the Dump,"); 460-6; Eliot 472-495 (Love Song, Wasteland, Sweeney); Auden 783-810 ("Musee des Beaux Arts," "Who's Who," "As I Walked Out One Evening," "In Memory of WB Yeats," "Unknown Citizen," "In Memory of Sigmund Freud," "Shield of Achilles," "New Year Greeting")

5 22-Sep

*Stevens, *Auden, Eliot


For next class (readings will be up by Friday):

6 29-Sep

*Millay, MacNeice, MacDiarmid, *Hughes

For next class:

  • Everdell 303-321;
  • Rosenthal 314-330
  • Perkins v2 367-374; 614-616; 633-37 (pdf) (I included the section on Ashberry; it's helpful, if you have time...)
  • Norton v.1 & 2: Poetry of Crane, Roethke, Ammons

7 6-Oct

*Crane, *Roethke, Ammons

For next class:

8 13-Oct *Bishop, *Thomas, Brooks

Take-home midterm

For next class:

  • Perkins v2 396-403; 404-417; 588-600
  • Poetry (all v. 2)

9 20-Oct *Berryman, *Lowell, Sexton, Plath

For next class:

  • Perkins v2 553-587
  • Poetry (all v2)

10 27-Oct

*Wright, *Merwin, Bly, Simic, Snyder


For next class:



12 10-Nov

*Ginsberg, *Rich, Baraka, Walcott

For next class:

13 17-Nov *Wilbur, *Larkin, Kumin, Justice, Hacker

For next class:



15 1-Dec *Heaney, *Boland, Hass, Gluck, Doty

For next class:

16 8-Dec Komunyakaa, Rios, Lee, Alexie, Byer  
final 15-Dec    

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