English 471: Modern Poetry

Final Study Guide

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Mary Adams, Instructor

Class Meets TR 11-22:30 in Coulter 304
Office Hours TR 2-3:30 or by appointment

Ext. 3921 Email: madams@email.wcu.edu Class Web Page: http://www.maryadams.net/classpages/471/eng471.htm

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Texts :

  • Rental.  Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry, vols. 1 & 2. 3rd edition.
  • Purchase: Perkins, David. A History of Modern Poetry: Modernism and After
  • Purchase: Finch, Annie, editor. An Exaltation of Forms.  


  • Reading Sheets. . . . . 40%
  • Midterm 10%
  • Paper 1: Primary Source Analysis 10%
  • Paper 2: Reading + Research. two books by a single author, or read several poets in a school or movement. 15%
  • Participation     10%
  • Final Exam     15%  

Attendance and Tardiness You get a total of three absences in this class (excused or not). After that, each additional absence lowers your grade one letter. I count three tardies as one absence. Youíre tardy if Iím done taking attendance when you arrive. NOTE: You are also absent if you don't bring the books we're discussing for that day!