English 401 Final Exam

You re to find a real job and apply for it. The job must be related to your major, and cannot be an easy job like "waitress" or "sales clerk", nor can it be a job that you already have.
You must hand in the resume, the job letter, AND the job description to get a grade on the final. Make sure that your work is perfect.

While you may have done several resumes before, you should pay attention to my expections and guidelines, as follows:

Resume (Two versions: printable and scannable). Get content right first, then generate both resumes.
1. Resumes do not need to be confined to a single page, but you should not extend them unnecessarily. It is more important to give all  your skills and to make the resume readable (with plenty of white space) than to make it short.

2. Resumes ought to have the following standard sections: Education, Experience, Awards and Honors, and References, but might also have sections like Volunteerism and Community Service, Skills, Miscellaneous, Interests, or Publications.

3. Resumes must be perfect. ONE spelling error or two major grammar errors will result in a failing grade.

4. Resumes should be easy to read, and should use consistent, readable formatting.

5. Resumes should use phrases and verbs that detail the kind of work you have done, not just lists of accomplishments or positions. For a good section on active verbs, check the CAP center page and the William and Mary resume page

Job Letter
1. Job Letters are persuasive letters selling YOU. Like all Persuasive letters, yours should use the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action sections. Your letter should also end with a courteous close.  Each section should begin with a good topic sentence that explains what you will discuss in that paragraph. Example: Both my education in Criminal justice and my work experience and internships make me the perfect candidate for this position.

2. You should indicate exactly how you heard about the job.

3. Your letter should show, not tell, that you have done research about this employer and this position.

4. Your letter should call attention to key or relevant sections of your resume--point out why this skill  or experience or course is good for this position.

5. Resumes should be PERFECT. ONE spelling error or two major grammar errors will result in a failing grade.