666 Beelzebub
Transylvania, CA 66666
August 26, 1997

Carl J. Bossman Ph.D.
Boss, Inc.
1 East Chestnut Street
Asheville, NC 28801

Dear Dr. Bossman:

[Attention--Appeal to reader's needs] Please consider this letter and resume as application for the position of Computer Specialist that you advertised in the Asheville Citizen-Times. Because you described an all-purpose computer expert in your ad, I think you will find me a valuable addition to Boss, Inc. While the world is full of computer programmers and technicians, your teaching professionals  need a person who can translate complex applications into ordinary langauge, who can understand and meet their day-to-day computing needs,  and who has experience writing clear, readable online documentation.

[Interest--relate yourself to reader's needs]Your job description intrigued me because I am particularly interested in web page design. Over the past few years, I have constructed and maintained my own web page and advised friends and  associates, including my fiancee and some of her colleagues at Western Carolina University. I have supplemented my on-the-job knowledge with course work in Java, Visual Basic, Pascal, and Assembly programming languages As my resume suggests, I have a wide expertise in software applications for all platforms, and I have considerable experience in hardware upgrades and support. I was hired at Satan's Photo Products not only for my background in photography and digital imaging but also for my knowledge of both PC and Macintosh computers, softwares, and peripherals. I have a good understanding of publishing and imaging packages as well as of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation softwares, and I tend to learn new applications very quickly. I have worked in several local area network environments, including Windows NT and NetWare.

[Desire--Give clinching evidence, references, testimonials, etc. ] My work history demonstrates an excellent record of customer support. Many of my clients at Satan's are regular customers with specialized equipment needs.  Because they believe that my advice is sound and my instructions are clear, many of these clients have dealt for several years exclusively with me. I also assist walk-in customers whose abilities vary widely, and I communicate as easily with amateurs as with experts.

[Action--Show what should happen next, and make it easy] I am moving to your area in the next few weeks; at present I can be reached either at my home or work numbers in Transylvania, or at my new home in Cullowhee, NC (both addresses are on the enclosed resume).  [Courteous Close] I appreciate the opportunity to apply for this position, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Yoyo Q. Fowler