Terms or Ideas to Learn  
What to study for Quiz: TOT 288-299; 375-386 Ezekiel, Isaiah


  • In Ezekial's prophecy, how does the King of Babylon decide which city to attack?
  • What kinds of divination (prophecy) are forbidden in Deuteronomy?
  • What tools help Elisha enter a prophetic state, and what is that like?
  • Describe an example of a Mari letter (box).
  • What is the root meaning of the Hebrew word for prophet?
  • How does the book describe the origin of material about Elija and Elisha?
  • How is Elijah linked to Moses? to Jesus" (According to the book on page 295)
  • What is the signifiance, according to the book, of the contest Elijah has with the prophets of Baal and Ashera?

TOT on Ezekiel

  • What do we know about Ezekiel's life and influences?
  • What are some of the"bizarre" "prophetic gestures" of Ezekiel?
  • Ezekiel "was the first prophet to receive a call outside the Promised land." Why does the book say that's important?
  • How are Ezekiel's "descriptions of heavenly beings" influenced by Babylon and other cultures?
  • What other parts of the bible use language and ideas similar to that in Ezekiel's prophecies?
  • What kind of specifications does Ezekiel end with?

Isaiah: essay

  • Read the servants narratives in Isaiah (42:1-4; 49:1-6; 50:4-11; 52:4-53:12). Write a short essay describing this servant and what he does.