Terms or Ideas to Learn  

Quiz on TOT Deuteronomy

  • What does Deuteronomy's "third" version of the Ten Commandments do differently than the others?
  • Deuteronomy makes "repeated use of the same phrases and concepts." What are some examples (italicized)?
  • What is "Shema"? Can you link it as a concept to any other work we have already read?
  • According to the book, why is it significant that Moses, not Yahweh, delivers the commands in Deuteronomy?
  • What is meant by "herem"? Why doesn't it indicate actual practice?
  • Summarize the difference between "Levites" and "sons of Aaron."
  • In Deuteronomy, what possessions are kings restricted from having? Why?
  • Why does Yahweh allow "false prophets" to prophesy, according to Deuteronomy?
  • Give an instance in which Deuteronomy is kinder to women than some of the other laws, according to the text.
  • What Assyrian treaty is Deuteronomy like, and why?
  • What is the role of the Deuteronomist school in the bible?
  • Why is Moses sometimes depicted as having horns?
  • How did Martin Luther King use Mount Nebo as a metaphor?

Essay: Choose one:

  1. According to the text, Deuteronomy actually contains six speeches? What is the core, and when and where do the other parts originate?
  2. Explain how the Moses of the bible is a "complex figure," according the textbook.