Creating an Online Resume 

An online resume should be 

1. Neat, consistent, printable, and easy to read 

  • Put text in a table to use the view-safe and print-safe area
  • Use white background and black text
  • Use a sanserif font that will appear the same on all computers (ARIAL) with a 10 point face or at most a 12 point face. 
  • Use a consistent font size, and avoid over-use of bold face and capitals. Never use caps. 
  • Avoid complicated formatting, like you would use in MS Word. Don't use templates or complicated layouts.  Link to example resume

2. Easy to Navigate 
  • Use a navigation table to make it easy to get around the resume. 
  • Make sure your resume has frequent links to the top of the page. 
  • Make sure your resume has links to the main page of the site (home) at both the top and the bottom of the page. 

1. Create a blank document in Netscape Composer--part of communicator. Create a centered table using these dimensions: 565 x 295 pixels tall. The border width of the table should be 0, and it should have one row and one column.  You can also use Composer to open this Template , select File, then Edit Page, and work with it. Make sure to save it under a new name. 

2. Keep Communicator open. Now open your resume in MS Word. Select the entire text, and copy and paste it into the communicator window, inside the table. (NOTE: if your resume contains complicated formatting, you should save it to text or remove the formatting before copying and pasting it). 

3. Save your Communicator document as [your intials]_resume.html (Example: mfa_resume.html). Save it to your disk, or, if you didn't bring one, save it in our class share folder. NOTE: if you don't give it a unique name, like MFA_resume.html, it will overwrite someone else's. Make sure you notice WHERE you've saved it. 

4. Using the style features in Communicator (bullets, bold face, etc.) Go through the resume and start re-creating the formatting you lost when you made the transfer. Make sure you change everything to a sanserif font (ARIAL 10 point). Save every 10 minutes. 

5. Create a navigation bar near the top of your online resume. Create a table WITHIN the main table with one row and as many columns as you have main headings on your resume. Make sure your table has equal column widths. 

6. Create an email link under your name. Highlight the name, select "link" from the composer toolbar, and type the following in the window that says "link to": mailto:[your email}. Example:

Save your file.