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Words to learn 14-Jan-2009
  • Assembly line proofreader
  • Designated reader
  • Beginning through senior proofreader
  • comparison reading
  • "Dry" or "noncomparison" reading
  • Advantages and disadvantages of on-screen proofreading
  • "live copy" and "dead copy"
  • Reading with a copyholder
  • Method for proofreading unfamiliar or foreign words with a copyholder
  • Typographical equivalent for the following words: bang, pos, huh, et,num zero, rule....end rule, one up, and graph
  • galley
  • Examples of "tiptoe words" or "weasel words" (I call them "hedges")
  • Example of a "dangling" participle or modifier
  • Essential and non-essential clauses
  • The difference between that, which, and who